Wednesday, October 7, 2009

At the mall!

As luck would have it we forgot Macayla's stroller when we went with Grandma and Grandpa to the mall, HOWEVER, Macayla loves their little stroller cars you can rent for free. We were pushing her around and she kept hitting the steering wheel saying BEEP! HAHA! It was so cute! It doesn't last more than about 30 minutes or so cuz then she wants to run around everywhere. It was hilarious though cuz Tavo is the one that took her out so everytime she would take off, I would say "Go get her Daddy! There she goes!" HAHA! It was nice it not being ME chasing her all over the dang place!!!
Also as you can see her hair isn't as blonde in this pic, for some reason the pic of her at the daycare she looks like someone dumped a bottle of peroxide over her head! I think it's just the way the picture came out! :)


Torilove said...

what is there something wrong with a blonde child? or do u want her to have black hair and look like her cousins? hahaa

Christina said...

Is it still called "renting" if it's free??? LOL

She's so darn cute guys better be prepared with a shotgun for all those dirtbag boys that will be knockin at your door to date her! :)