Tuesday, January 19, 2010


,On Sunday we had a playdate with Erin and Theresa, kind of like a pizza party. Here's one of the pics that Erin took of Macayla (couple more below.) THANKS ERIN! YOU DA BEST!


Here's another pic from our playdate at Erin's house. :) Macayla was a hit with Jayden AND Thomas...HMMM....what's a girl to do?? Decisions, decisions! Watch out Theresa and Erin! I think my daughter is going to be a man eater!


Don't these two look like they're up to something?? AND IT BEGINS! We had a play date at my friend Erin's house and Macayla was the only girl with 2 other boys (Erin has another son but he was sick and couldn't play :(....) She definitley held her own that's for sure! I felt bad for the boys! She kept pushing them around! Maybe it's the "I'll be mean to them because I like them" mentality?
So funny that Erin said about this pic..."FINALLY a girl with a remote!"HAHA CLASSIC..

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


This picture was actually taken back in November when I was at Costa Mesa for insurance training! LOVE this pic! It really shows her playful personality..


YEAH YEAH, I'm overdue to uploading pictures, so what else is new!? I LOVE LOVE this pic from Grandma Janis, she doesn't look like a baby anymore that's for sure! 2 MORE MONTHS SHE WILL BE 2 YEARS OLD!! WOW, time sure has flown by quickly! LOVE YOU BABY...