Monday, June 29, 2009


She loves making faces now! It's better than her always trying to take my camera out of my hand!


Yeah the pic is a little blurry but it was because it was from my camera phone! But I LOVE her little smile!!! BESOS MAMA!

More silly faces!

I got a pic of her shoving a goldfish in her mouth! (Yes the crackers!) Before I could never get her to look at the camera and now she likes to ham it up but only for about 30 seconds so you catch it or you don't!

Striking a pose!

My little mama is getting so big!! Not only is she walking everywhere but she eats with her own spoon/fork too now! only if I could get a good picture of her doing so!

Hi Mom!

Friday, June 12, 2009


AWW!! This pic was taken by her tia Patty! Can you see all her pearly whites? LOL

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Here is Macayla all bright eyed and bushy tailed!! LOVE YOU MAMA!!
ALSO....Macayla had her 15 month follow up today and she is 23 lbs and 32 inches long and she has 14 teeth including 4 molars! She had her shots as well so of course she was not a happy camper!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lil Tavita!

I always call Macayla Tavita cuz she looks just like Tavo! Especially in this pic...very cute.


I LOVE THIS PIC!! This is definitley her moody face! It cracks me up every time I look at this picture!


This is a cute picture cuz I caught her off guard! She reminds me of the little Wendy's girl with those flippies in her hair! (you know the Wendy's hamburger girl? LOL)


She just finished eating (note the messy face!?) then afterwards decided to take a cruise around the house in her pimp mobile! LOL Sorry Mom, there's no room for you in here!.......

Passed out after Sea World

None of my pictures from Sea World turned out! But this one did! This was taken about a week ago. Notice the cute new car seat? THANKS NORA! and THANKS ERIN for helping me find it! =)

Eating spaghetti!

Man when she eats she's just like her mommy! she GRUBS! HAHA!

Knotts Berry Farm

Mommy got me a snoopy from Knotts to remember what a fun day I had! =)

Knotts Berry Farm

Riding on the carousel!! GIDDY UP HORSEY! PICK UP THE PACE!!

Knotts Berry Farm

Eating a churro at Knotts! She had so much fun that day!

Knotts Berry Farm

Mom, will you tell those other kids to hurry up already!? LOL We went to Knotts Berry Farm with Anya, Hector and Milana about 2 months ago (yeah, yeah I've been slacking with the pics!) Macayla had so much fun cuz she could actually get on some of the rides!

Knotts Berry Farm!

Macayla was SO WORE OUT by the time we were done! Here's proof! HAHA!